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Wholesale linen IL.MA.

Highly selected fabrics thanks to the long experience gained in the field

IL.MA. Ottaviano

IL.MA. is a company specialized in the wholesale sale of linen in Ottaviano, a well-known municipality in the province of Naples. The company represents a real point of reference throughout the region by virtue of the over twenty years of experience gained in the sector, the quality and refinement of the products offered. At the headquarters in Via Vecchia Sarno, household linen items (sheets, curtains, tablecloths, towels), women 's, men's and children's nightwear, underwear , rugs and fabrics are on sale.


The staff also offers a valid consultancy service for washing, essential for preserving the original characteristics of the items purchased. In fact, the staff guides customers towards the most suitable washing and ironing procedures for each fabric by providing technical data sheets and detailed information.

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Thanks to the textiles sold at the single headquarters in Ottaviano, IL.MA. it literally dresses the entire house, room by room. Here you will find coordinated linens available to furnish and decorate bedrooms, bathrooms and kitchens. The complete bathroom sets liven up the environment with different shades of color, while the coordinated sheets, bedspreads, duvet covers, pillowcases and pillow covers in many colors brilliantly define the style of the bedrooms. In addition to linens, IL.MA. sells interior curtains , carpets and upholstery items to meet the needs of companies and private individuals.



Determining the success of Il.MA. over time it is undoubtedly the quality . All items and all phases of the process are treated with extreme attention , without neglecting any detail. Beautiful and resistant fabrics, combined with items produced entirely in Italy , fully represent the philosophy of IL.MA.

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