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Ottaviano sleepwear


The night is intended for rest and for this reason it is important to wear appropriate, comfortable and enveloping clothing. Only in this way will you be able to enjoy true restful and regenerating sleep. IL.MA. is attentive to this important detail and for this reason reserves for its customers an assortment of sleepwear items in Ottaviano and products for each season. At our shop you can purchase pajamas for men, women, children and teenagers , providing adequate nightwear for the whole family. There are many models available, as are the fabrics and colours. For the winter you will find fleece and flannel pajamas but also nightgowns or wool dressing gowns, while for the warmer season the garments are made of cotton and light fabrics. For those who love to be fashionable and elegant even at home and while sleeping, silk dressing gowns with a glamorous and chic cut are available.

As with household linen, also in this case our staff will be available to advise you and guide you towards the best choice. The staff will help the customer to find the model that best suits their physicality for maximum comfort and convenience , without ever neglecting the importance of the most suitable fabric compared to the indications provided by the customer himself.

Together with the nightwear, at the shop you will also find underwear for the whole family and also in this case you will have a wide choice of shapes, models, sizes, shades, patterns and colors to choose from to satisfy every need in terms of comfort and personal tastes. Finally, from IL.MA. Many items and products intended for summer are available, such as Aria di Mare and Il Filo branded beach towels, sarongs and swimsuits. With us anyone will be fashionable and glamorous in every moment of their life, from the night to the holidays spent under the umbrella.​

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