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Ottaviano Curtains and Fabrics


Together with household, bedroom and bathroom linens, IL.MA. offers its customers a generous assortment of curtains and fabrics in Ottaviano. Our shop, with its sole location in the famous town in the province of Naples, offers a wide range of furnishing and upholstery fabrics of every kind, colour, tint or pattern, but also a very vast assortment of interior curtains.

All the fabrics sold wholesale or used to make curtains have important characteristics such as resistance and quality . Those who buy a curtain expect it to last over time without giving in to stress such as wear or fading of colors. IL.MA. is able to respond to this need thanks to the excellent quality of yarns and fabrics, all produced entirely in Italy and carefully selected by the experts who collaborate with the company. These steps prove to be fundamental in providing customers with the guarantee of a fabric and a product capable of lasting over the years, even after washing and exposure to sunlight.

At our shop it is possible to purchase all kinds of furnishing items (coverings for chairs, sofas, upholstery, carpets and much more). The wide range of colours, models and patterns to choose from in the store will satisfy the needs of individual customers, but also of professionals who intend to surprise their customers with quality products.

Our company's sample collection is open to both private customers and professionals in the furniture sector. Discounts are periodically activated for large purchases of products or for personnel working in the upholstery or furniture sector.

A furnishing accessory covered with one of our fabrics will be able to last over the years, always remaining like new. Our staff will provide all the details and useful advice for correct cleaning and maintenance of furnishing fabrics and curtains, so as to easily preserve them over time without damaging them.

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