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Ottaviano carpets

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The sale of carpets in Ottaviano is one of the strong points that characterizes our company. In fact, in our shop you will find many carpets of all kinds . The prices of the different items vary greatly based on the type of product chosen, because here it is possible to choose between fine carpets and models with a more accessible cost. Also in this case, as for the entire IL.MA. sample collection, the different articles are made in an artisanal or industrial way, but always and only using quality fabrics and yarns.

The carpets on sale by IL.MA. they are totally Made in Italy and this further contributes to providing validity and guarantee regarding their usability. At our office it will be possible to purchase carpets for every room in the house: in fact, bath/shower mats, kitchen mats and carpets, bedside rugs, large and medium-sized carpets capable of embellishing the floors of the most spacious rooms are available. (such as living rooms, open spaces or bedrooms).

The models are assorted . You can find items with and without fringes, with original shapes or with witty prints to furnish children's and teenagers' bedrooms. Many carpets with an elegant and refined design and style will be perfect to complete the furnishings of the bedroom or living room. The comfortable bathroom mats, made of microfibre, sponge and other easy-to-clean and quick-drying fabrics, will be practical and functional. Finally, kitchen rugs and mats are a very suitable choice for those who want to protect the floor from difficult dirt. They are made of easily washable fabrics and capable of repelling stains typical of the environment (grease, grease, food). Many are made of "waxed" fabrics and easily cleaned using a simple damp cloth.

From IL.MA. you will certainly find the right carpet for every room in your home, together with a staff always ready to give you the right suggestions.​

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